uPVC Clips Supplied

Sure Roofs supplies and manufactures uPVC clips for businesses in East Anglia. We provide these practical features in Norwich, Ipswich, Bury St. Edmunds, Cambridge, and in the surrounding areas too.

uPVC clips help homeowners improve the strength of their roofline. They can add these clips to their guttering and downpipes, giving them an extra layer of strength and protection. As a result, these clips hold the roofline in place and attach it to homes more securely. Sure Roofs works with Plastivan to supply clips with robust uPVC.

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Durable uPVC

With a uPVC design, clips can hold guttering in place with ease. The material has exceptional strength, but it’s light enough not to place any strain on the pipes. Also, uPVC won’t crack or twist in wind or rain, making it an incredibly practical addition that helps homeowners feel safer.

Comprehensive Range

uPVC clips are available for almost any type of guttering or downpipe. As a result, you can offer them to any of your customers, and they won’t have to miss out. These clips available in several shapes, including half-round and square line, and the uPVC is flexible enough to suit them all.


Finally, uPVC clips are incredibly cost-effective. Some designs, including Plastivan’s leading profiles, are available for less than £1. Because of this, they are a perfect additional feature you can offer to customers, allowing you to provide them with an insurance policy that gives them peace of mind.

Reliable, Dependable Service

Sure Roofs are a local supplier that won't hold you back. Instead, we help you be in more control of your business, giving you the flexibility to meet your customers' needs. We work to shorter lead times than our rivals, so you get an edge over yours.

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